We found these books inspirational and informative. Hopefully you do too! Please get in touch if you have any other recommendations for us.

Made in England, Matthew Sowter and Ricky Feather

An excellent portrait of several English custom framebuilders. The book features Tom Donhou and that chapter was the final deciding factor in who I should ask to build my bike. Chris

Land of second chances, Tim Lewis

One of the best books I’ve ever read. Tom Ritchey was a hero of mine before I read this, but I never knew he was integral to the Rwandan cycling team. And their economy! Chris

One man and his bike, Mike Carter

A hilarious story of a solo trip around the coast of Britain. Very inspiring if you want to tackle a long tour but have a long list of practical reasons why not to…

The Bicycle Artisans, Will Jones

Another great book about custom framebuilders, from all over the world. Less insight into each framebuilder but an incredible variety of materials and techniques covered.

The Hungry Cyclist, Tom Kevill-Davies

As self-deprecating as he is informative, Tom has written my favourite cycle touring book and I recommend you all read it. Chris

The man who cycled the Americas and The man who cycled the world, Mark Beaumont

Mark’s achievements are absolutely remarkable and his books are definitely unputdownable. Read these and be very inspired. Don’t expect to emulate Mark though! We don’t…

The road headed west, Leon McCarron

Very entertaining with some disconcerting stories along the way! This book is excellent and inspired us to travel as light as possible.

Travels in a strange state, Jodie Dew

Another incredibly inspiring solo touring book. Jodie’s account of cycle touring in the States made us realise how important it is to be flexible.

100 greatest cycling climbs, Simon Warren

Very helpful for seeking out hills in the UK, especially in the flatlands of Essex.

Adventure cycle-touring handbook, Stephen Lord

Widely regarded as the bible of cycle touring, this book has everything you want to know from kit to training to routes on all continents.

No reservations, Sally Hall

A very open and honest account of a couple’s trip from Seattle to Bar Harbor. Highly recommended if you want a warts and all story of what cycle touring’s really like.