We start every day whilst camping with porridge. It’s perfect, and doesn’t have to be plain. We use quick oats, as our stove (MSR Windboiler) is fierce and doesn’t have the patience for jumbo oats that take longer.

We boil a small amount of water in our stove, put in three coffee measures of quick oats (each) and let it bubble away for about two minutes. Once in a bowl we add cinnamon, trail mix and bananas or blueberries (if they’re on offer!).

If we can find it, we use Hot Cereal instead of oats. Hot Cereal is a mix of wheat, rye and flax. It was recommended to us on the road by Barb in Thornbury (Ontario). It’s much tastier and more filling than oats, but it is more expensive. And harder to find.

When we have the luxury of a proper kitchen we love making pancakes. Rather than making them from scratch, which is impractical on the road, we buy the cheap premix pancake mix. It’s only $2 for 1kg and it’s great. We mix in bananas or blueberries and devour quickly!