Chris Fieldsend

I grew up in Plymouth (England) and I’ve lived in London since 2002. Why am I do
ing this? Well, I’ve led a sensible life; degree, career,IMG_1176
mortgage.… I’ve always wanted to travel but was too worried about my job and the money. In 2013 I started to reevaluate my life.
I’ve always been into cycling and I spent time procrastinating about setting up a cycling café. I wrote a business case but bottled it. A year later I quit my job and set up as an independent business change consultant. My ambition has always bIMG_0873een to own a business that parachutes in to rescue failing projects or companies, and this was the first step.

At the same time one of my best friends was planning an amazing South American adventure, which gave me itchy feet. I read about the Adventure Cycling Association’s Pacific Coast cycle route and discovered that virtually all the States was mapped out by bike. I hatched a plan to cycle round the perimeter of the States going north of the Canadian border to enjoy a country
I’ve always admired.
In May 2015 I met Ties in Mexico and fell in love. I was immediately affected by Ties’
insatiable appetite for travel and adventure. It didn’t take us long to book this trip together.

Don’t let work, financial responsibilities or procrastination delay your adventures for 36 years…..



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