These are some of our favourite websites. Not all cycling, but we think they’re worth shouting about.


Adventure Cycling Association
We would not be doing this trip without the inspiration provided by the routes freely available on the ACA website. Three of the four [planned] legs of our trip are largely based on ACA routes.

Beautiful cycle touring photo’s, tips and recommendations on what to take / buy. Gave us loads of ideas and advice

British Cycling
Organisation that do loads for cycling in Britain and helped me out a lot when I got knocked off my bike. Please join and support them. Chris

Donhou Bicycles
Tom Donhou is a local, but internationally acclaimed framebuilder, who is building my bike. He builds immaculate pedalled machines of all types and is himself a keen tourer. Tom’s been commissioned by Liberty’s and Rapha, and was featured in the Design Museum’s Cycle Revolution exhibition. Chris

I’ve used this site since 2008 to map cycle routes and transfer them to my Garmin GPS. The site is very easy to use, and gives an indication of elevation before you set off. Chris

Bicycle security guide
Guide from freelance cycling writer Sean Goddard on how to keep your bike secure

Bicycle safety guide
Guide from freelance cycling writer Sean Goddard on how to cycle safely

Our favourite online bike shops:


Dust N’ Bones
Owned and run by the incredibly talented Neil Pengilley, this is my favourite tattoo shop. Many of my tattoos, including my sleeves, ribs and back, where from Dust N’ Bones. Chris
I received a fantastic “Vegas souvenir” cover up by Neil Pengilley I absolutely love it!! Thank you!! Ties

You’ll see many photo’s on here of me in awesome t-shirts made by Broiler, and designed by chief sartorialist Andrew Ware. Broiler make limited runs of everything so head over to their site soon and bag some cool threads. Chris

Andy Ford Photographer
Andy is by far our favourite photographer. He specialises in coastal landscapes and also has an enviable portfolio of musicians including Mark Ronson, Iron Maiden, Royal Blood, Bring Me The Horizon and MGMT.

Soul Design
Matt and his colleagues provide amazing interior design, restoration and landscape design. Matt has transformed several homes for me in the past, from restoring Victorian shutters to designing and decorating rooms. Chris

Our own sites:

Websites by Ties
I make stylish, innovative and functional WordPress websites. My sites are easy to navigate and provide an insight into the personality of the company. I can make websites from anywhere in the world, so please get in touch if you need to reach out to the world! Ties

The Cycling Barber
I am professionally trained by Kinki Kappers with over 14 years’ experience styling and cutting hair for ladies, chaps and kids. I take my hairdressing gear wherever I go and I’d love to trim to you hair or beard! Ties

Self-confidence coaching for women
I coach women to become power women. I believe that self-confidence is essential to achieve our desired lifestyle.  I help women take control over their life, by goal setting and training skills to increase self confidence. I help women to influence what and who they attract. My goal is to inspire and empower women globally to “grow the balls” they need to live their dream life. Ties

When I’m not cycling around North America I manage corporate portfolios, change programmes and major projects. My website provides more details about what I do and client testimonials. Chris