Our route does a complete loop around North America. We start in Toronto where we roughly follow the Trans-Canada Highway to Vancouver. Then we go down the Pacific coast to San Diego, before heading across the Southern Tier to Florida. Finally, we go up the Atlantic coast to rejoin Canada. If all goes to plan our route will be about 12,000 miles (19,000 km) and take about a year.

This is our vague plan! We know we’ll deviate from this as we meet people en route and take detours….

We’re also not sure yet how / when the trip will finish. Ideally we’d like to go all the way along the Atlantic coast to Nova Scotia and onto Newfoundland, before heading back to Toronto. But that all depends on lots of things that we can’t think about this far ahead!

So watch this space and please get in touch if you think there’s a must see place for us to visit / detour to en route.canada-usa-flag-pin-map-united-states-america-paper-showing-countries-borders-series-image-58660407 (1)

Leg one – Toronto to Vancouver
Leg two – Vancouver to San Diego
Leg three – San Diego – Florida
Leg four – Florida to Canada