Brimley (Michigan) to South Range (Wisconsin)

Brimley (Michigan) to South Range (Wisconsin)
Leg; 398 miles / 641 km
Total; 892 miles / 1,436 km

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We spent a day in Brimley hiding from a thunderstorm, then hit the long straight Highway 28 for what seemed like days! We stopped for lunch one day at the lovely little harbour town Munising, where you can take a boat tour to the aptly named Pitcured Rocks. The climb out of Munising was our first serious hill in Michigan and we were rewarded with a stunning ride along Lake Superior to Harvey.

After a long day we splashed out on a hotel for Ties’ birthday and fuelled up at the local Chocolay River Brewing and Dry Dock Bar and Grill. The next morning we were pilfering wifi from the local MacDonalds when Mark started talking to us. Mark is Canadian but has family from Hull, England (where Chris’ parents are from!) and possible Dutch roots! Mark called a local journalist and within an hour we were being interviewed and photographed by the Upper Peninsula paper the Mining Journal.

We followed the Iron Ore Heritage Trail into Marquette and found the first track pump since leaving Toronto! In fact, we’ve now cycled nearly 900 miles and still haven’t seen a bike shop!!! With the late start to the day and searing hot we stopped early and stayed at Beaumont Lake State campground. We had the place all to ourselves so we bathed in the lake and crashed out.

We spent the next couple of days on Highway 28 / 41 before we crossed into our second state Wisconsin. We instantly noted a difference in the roadside flora. Michigan tends to keep its roadsides absolutely immaculate; the highways look like someone is constantly mowing the lawn. Wisconsin tends to let the roadsides grow naturally and you get lots of wildflowers and pleasant aromas as a result. We prefer the Wisconsin approach!

We cycled along Highway 2 until Maple and then took the F to Highway 13. The ride from Maple to South Range was incredible. It really felt like we were in the Wizard of Oz. At one point we had some deer bouncing along the side of the road next to us, then cut right across us on the road. Couldn’t have wished for a better ending to the day.

Wildlife spots; turtle, deer