We got our visa approved!!

This was quite an exciting morning… A couple of weeks ago we filled in our online application, Chris had a whole lot more questions then I did and my picture scan got approved and Chris’ didn’t…We were required to bring the special visa pictures to the interview, since mine got approved I didn’t give it any more thought.. the night before our interview I was at work and Chris was preparing our documents for the interview, he let me know that I needed to bring different pictures.. special US visa ones, I didn’t have those, it was too late, so I had to make some on our way to the embassy…we rushed on our bikes trough the busy morning traffic in London, sweaty and wild looking I ran into a photo booth at Liverpool street station…clock was ticking…I quickly selected US visa option, grabbed my change of which some was sticky ’cause something leaked in my purse earlier…this caused the coins not to go through, they got stuck in the machine…there was no time for these sort of shenanigans to happen…I saw that the machine took notes, I had none with me, I wrestled my way back trough the crowd to ask Chris who was waiting outside with our bikes, run back to the herd of people down to an ATM, grabbed a note, run back to the machine, by that time the coins I put in earlier went through and the machine was counting down for the picture…I was just in time! I pulled my pictures out, ran back up and we continued our race trough the busy traffic…stressed about time, there were about 5 min left to our appointment, we parked our bikes, registered and got send to join a queue of about 200 people! That was to just to get into the building, we had time for a coffee and to get my heart-rate back to normal…I must say the queue cleared relatively fast, the security was friendly checked our papers before we went in, that’s where Chris noticed that I had the wrong pictures again!! (I guess someone must have tried to use the booth in between my running around) The security man told us that they would be still usable thank god and off we went…especially inside the embassy (where there appeared to be plenty of photo booths) it all went pretty quick and smooth. Then the friendly woman told us we got our visa’s approved!! and off we went to celebrate!!!  JEEEEEY!! A big important step closer to our trip!!

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