Tobermorey (Ontario) to Brimley (Michigan)

Tobermorey (Ontario) to Brimley (Michigan)
Leg; 266 miles / 428 km
Total; 494 miles / 795 km

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From Tobermorey we caught the stunning Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island. Whilst waiting for the ferry we met an incredible family (Iwona, Kasha and Irek) who invited us to stay at their cabin on Kagawong Lake. We also met a cycle tourer from Hamburg called Knut, who was heading through Manitoulin to a theatre school for clowning lessons! We joined Knut to Providence Bay and then headed to Kagawong Lake. The last 3 miles to Iwona’s cabin were unpaved and we needed to push our bikes up some rubbly hills.

The trek was well worth it though. The cabin was on a picturesque lake, with no neighbours except the wildlife. We bathed in the lake and listened to Kasha playing the ukulele, before passing out. The next day was hot, with no shade. We were going fine until we hit a steep hill past Whitefish Falls. That finished us off and we stayed the night at a remote campground where our food was stolen by raccoons!

We spent the next couple of days on the Trans-Canada Highway 17. We had lots of crosswinds and the tiny / no shoulder was difficult to maintain with the huge trucks whistling right past us. We ended up at a Township campground at Bruce Mines where our pathetic attempts at a bear locker were saved by our neighbour Greg. He stored our food in his car and then brought us freshly brewed coffee at 06:30 the next day!

Our last leg took us to the International bridge at Sault St Marie. We though there’d be enormous signs to the US but we didn’t see any until we got within 3 miles. Then when we did there were tiny little USA signs, like we were being directed to a local vets or a parking lot! Riding over the bridge was incredible. You can see for miles and the cars take the low speed limit very seriously so you can really take your time. Border Control gave us a bit of a grilling, but eventually gave us some I94’s for our passports so we could head south around Lake Superior.

We cruised through the back roads to Brimley State Park where they told us there was no space! Eventually they came back and said we could stay in ‘Group Camping’. Which turned out to be a campsite all to ourselves. So we stayed two nights.

Wildlife spots; red squirrel, sand hill cranes, rub-throated hummingbird, fireflies