We’ve stayed in the weirdest places!


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One of the great highlights of this trip so far has been the unusual places we’ve stayed at. So far we’ve spent 50% of the time camping, 30% of the time being hosted by friends and Warm Showers hosts, and 20% of the time luxuriating in the cheapest motels and AirBnB establishments we can find. Some of our greatest memories are the places we’ve stayed for free. Here are some examples of the highlights:

Texas jail

Voluntarily of course. And location disclosed for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in an-ex DEA holding cell, riddled with bullet holes and looked over by three young Sheriff Deputies?

Animal hospital

Our friends Linda and Joyce treated us to a fabulous Tex-Mex meal in Conroe, Texas. And Linda let us kip in her fathers old veterinary clinic. Accompanied by two playful kittens!

19th century pecan plantation

A wonderful Warm Showers experience thanks to Lola in New Roads, Louisiana. We spent days admiring these incredible buildings and actually got to sleep in one and find out about its incredible history.

1950’s beach bungalow

The Florida panhandle has loads of these authentic seaside dwellings. We had a great opportunity to stay with Warm Showers hosts Jeff and Heidi, and meet their friends and family the same evening. They even had an awesome outdoor shower and let us walk their Australian Shepard / Collie cross ‘Captain Liberty’ on the beach at dawn.

Stilted carriage house

You never know what to expect sometimes with Warm Showers. Larry’s profile said that guests may be able to stay in his carriage house. We had no idea this meant a standalone suite attached to one of those majestic stilted beachfront houses. With a view across the bay. Magical.

Medicare parking lot

Sometimes you just need a place to pitch your tent. We were in an expensive area and couldn’t justify the $100+ cost of a campsite. We spotted a picnic bench in a Medicare office parking lot and the owners were happy to let us camp there. Lifesavers!

Abandoned motel

After a few nights wild camping in the dusty Arizona dessert we badly needed a shower. We spotted a cheap looking motel but it was no longer operating. No problem! The new owner let us stay for free in an empty room with power and hot water.

Train depot

We had three days in a row in Texas of sub-zero temperatures and overnight temperatures as low as -20 Celsius. Our three-seasons sleeping bags can’t handle that, so we spent a night in a grand ex-train depot in Marfa, Texas. Look for it on AirBnB, incredible place.

Luxury RV

We’ve seen umpteen luxury RVs at the 100+ campgrounds we’ve stayed at. And in Benson, Arizona we got to stay at one, parked up on a ranch owned by Warm Showers hosts Jerry and Lainie. It was outrageously spacious inside, and had a fridge full of cold beer!

Glamping in San Diego

San Diego marked the end of our Pacific Coast adventure. We wanted a rest day there but it’s an incredibly expensive place to stay. We found a ‘glamping experience’ on AirBnB which turned out to be a double bed in a ladies garden, surrounded by throngs and completed with outdoor bathroom and kitchenette. Unique!

Cabins on a lake

Canada knows how to do a ‘cabin on a lake’. We were lucky enough to stay at two great examples; one with an awesome family we met on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, and one with Chris’ parents near Spider Lake, Vancouver Island. Both were as tranquil and remote as you could possibly wish for.

We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful accommodation greets us on the east coast!